Rainbows and More

How many times I have seen, a Lovely Rainbow way up high
Vibrant colors of pastel shades, splashed across the bright blue Sky

I see God’s mighty Canvas, with beauty beyond compare
A Lovely Rainbow can be seen, from here and everywhere

It is a promise Firm and True, arched in the Sky so high
It appears there year after year, after the Storms pass by
It’s there just after the Rain, when the Sun comes out to shine
God’s promise has been True, throughout the Ages of time

So when you see the Rainbow, in colors so vibrant and bright
Also, the Moon and Stars, that cover God’s Canvas at Night
The Milky Way, The Dipper, a Shooting Star or two
It’s the Canvas of Light God painted, just for me and you

Beauty is all around us, in Earth and Sky and Sea
In Flowers and little Critters, also the Lovely Tree
Beauty can be seen, in Folks you know and Love
Beauty is given freely, from our Heavenly Father above.
By Katie Lazette

Copyright – Katie Lazette 4/12/2000