Silent Trees

Look at those trees,
how they stand, silent and free,
their branches how they make
an appearance of frozen slithering snakes,
their leaves how they shake and dance
to the wind’s rhythm as if in a trance,
their fruits how they hang
like the trees’ offerings with a grateful thanks
to their planters and the Lord
for having them planted in this yard.

Look at those trees, how they are
bold and silent, though their bodies we mar.
Their benefits we plunder, their wood we burn,
for all our misdeeds, they provide more in return.
The rustle of their leaves
could move the insane to peace,
their sinuous, outstretched arms
supply cool sanctuaries from the sun.
They save all life from death,
by granting air for a lifetime’s breath.

Look at those trees,
how they stand humbly and carefree;
They have been merciful and kind
to the whole of mankind,
their extinction will be the earth’s end,
they are forever man’s most silent friends.

By Betsy Jenifer
Original painting: Tree of Life

Betsy Jenifer is seventeen years old and from India. She is rather tall, lanky and obsessive. She has been published in Quail Bell magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and Teen Ink, among others. Original Art: Tree of Life by Betsy Jenifer

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