Sitting in the Storm

by Amanda -

Sitting in my little “backyard cabin” I am on the edge of my armchair. The door is open and the gumtrees are roaring as they are buffeted by the wind, waving their long outstretched limbs with gusto. Now and again there is a hush, then a Shhhh, then a bellow and I am on the edge of my seat again – hoping that the roots of the gumtrees will stay firmly in the ground and their limbs stay intact.

Birds are chirping and wind chimes tinkling.

I wonder how the possums cope on days like these. Are they swaying along with the trees in a deep slumber, oblivious to any danger? I hope the cradle doesn’t fall.

Mother nature is in charge, we are mere mortal servants who are sometimes rewarded, sometimes admonished – she is always there to remind us.