Snow Fall

by Marion L. Ritcey

As the afternoon went on I watched the sky for the first sign of snow.
I left my window for a moment only to return finding the sky had opened up to let the fluffy snow fall. The amount has been predicted to be over eight inches. Well that would be a good snow fall for the end of December. Children would get to use their sleds and snowshoes Santa had brought. As the afternoon went on the snow fell at a steady pace. Covering the grass and walk way. I put on the lights outside so I could see the snow falling and be in awe as its beauty fell. Each flake different from the one next to it.

The pine trees wear a heavy coat of wet snow by now. Branches hanging near the ground. I do hope no branches break and fall. I have lost to many to storms already. My pine trees bend from the snow and ice every winter and they survive. And so they will through this storm.

The birds have all hidden in the boxwood trees. They have a warm place to ride out the storm. In the morning when the sun comes out the trees will shake as the birds try and get out from the snow cover. The boxwoods protect my birds very well all the time. Many times I see the birds taking dirt baths at their bases. The birds will have food when the storm is over. I filled the feeders before it started.

My window is icing up now. It must be getting colder outside. The snow is still falling in thick flakes. Who thinks up all the shapes the flakes take on. When they hit my window I see the shapes before they blend into one on the icy window. The frost takes on a design of it’s own and looks like spun lace of the best kind.

I can see the path outback leading into the woods it looks like a brilliant white rug. One that has not been stepped on. It will stay that way till the sun comes out and melts the snow and ice on the trees above. Then I will get to see the ice falling to the ground marking marks on the snow rug. The birds may walk on it but they leave very little impression in the snow. A deer or rabbit may run down it in search of food and leave there footprints for all to see.

As I watch the snow cover the bushes, near the tool shed the Christmas lights tend to fade but they also melt the snow after a time making holes in the snow covered shrubs. The lights now take on a recessed look , twinkling a bit more since the wind moves the shrubs a bit. It is a true wonder land in my backyard.

Winter has come to New England. We Had snow for Christmas and now snow for the start of the New Year. May I always marvel at the beauty of the falling snow. Remembering the beauty of each snowflake I saw.