Sun Set

by Muhammad Ibrahim Ahmed

It was a privilege to marvel at a sight so stunning. In those few moments, perfection invaded everything within the reach of my senses.

I saw the sun in a calm and graceful stride towards the horizon; simultaneously I gazed upon the sky embracing the radiant twilight. The rays originating from the sun settled on the ocean which retaliated by producing sparkles on its surface.

All of these events resulted in a glamorous and picturesque view, whose beauty was beyond the comprehension of man.

In the background I heard waves constantly clashing with each other as diverse birds produced melodious and harmonious sounds like a beautiful orchestra.

All other reality faded to a vague memory dwelling in the corners of my mind.

Half of the sun disappeared behind the horizon and the twilight became more intense.

I pushed my mind to capture every detail before the sun reached its imminent inevitability. The ocean was now a mirror that reflected the heavenly crimson sky.

Between the glistening sparkles my eyes set up on a majestic creature: dolphins jumping ecstatically out of the water, inducing the same feeling in me. What a wonderful respite it was.

man watching beautiful sunset

Photo by Anyaberkut

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