by Hunter Liguore

The first sunflower of the season has opened. It’s one of many that will unfold and evolve into a canvas of yellow across the yard. Already, before the sun breaks over the trees, a honeybee walks its center in a circular, clockwise motion. Life is this simple, I think. There is harmony in this dance — a dance with the sun, the air, the water, the soil — all starting with the seed I took the time to plant. One decision or action creates a future outcome. Whether we recognize it or not, when we make decisions, we’re often doing so with the guidance or influence of those around us. And so, each decision is in some way the momentum of all my relations.

Hunter Liguore is a long-time naturalist and activist, who has written on a variety of topics that promote compassionate awareness towards the environment and endangered species. She was the 2015 Writer-in-Residence at the Edwin Way Teale Nature Preserve. Her work has appeared in over eighty publications, including: Orion Magazine, Anthropology and Humanism, Irish Times, The Writer Magazine, New Plains Review, DESCANT, and Among Animals 2 (Ashland Creek Press). She teaches nature writing in New England. Click here to visit her website./

Photo by Hunter Liguore

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