Sunset and Twilight

As I sit and watch the sunset I try to visualize
The hand of God that painted this lovely golden sky
I also try to see beyond the sunset too
All God’s beautiful colors in a vibrant hue

Sometimes when it is sunset the sky is shades of pink
Then I see some lavender also purple in just a wink
The sun’s rays cast a shadow, on a fluffy cloud of white
Then before I know it the sky has changed to night

All the twinkling little stars decorate the sky
Maybe the Big Dipper is there right before our eyes
TheĀ  moon is round and high, oh! what a lovely sight
Yes this is the scene God painted for us to view at night

So whether it is morning when the sun begins the day
Or twilight is approaching and night is on it’s way
Take time to thank God the Father for His love and kindness true
For the beauty of the earth and sky God gives to me and you
By Katie Lazette

Copyright Katie Lazette 06-25-2002