Talking to Rains…

It’s rain, rain every where
I could talk to rains endlessly;
it works on me
like a pestering friend.
Splashing water would talk
non stop- not let me sleep.

It moved ahead then stopped
in slow drizzle, humming like bees –
catching up with something it forgot.
Gave time to night birds
to get back to their nests.

It buzzed through whole night
in musical humdrum;
hammered on windowpanes
with persistence.
Knocking on my nerves,
it reminded me of your absence.

It didn’t matter to me then,
you were not there to talk.
I listened to its story
first hand from falling drops.

My questions strived through
the noise -answers smudged in
splattering water.
Some words were saved in time,
some lost in floods.

If you were to walk with me
through this rain,
would you care for its pangs?
Or just ignore it’s pattern
as a night of wasteful chatter?
By Uma Asopa

Copyright © Dr. Uma Asopa 2006