The Beauty in Diversity

by David 'Skip' Siesel

Backpackers sit by campfire

I sit atop a hill, or small mountain rather, high above camp, looking down upon everyone gathered there around the fire ring. In the distance across the stretch of valley below, I see a long chain of rolling mountains. Hazy in the distance, as the sun sinks nearer to them, I study their profiles; each one of them different from one another. Sheets of clouds, glowing orange from the vibrant rays of sun, also different from one another. Everyone down at camp, as I see them below, are different from on another. Yet amongst all of these differences, the mountains, the clouds, and us; we all coexist side by side, joined by common similarities. It’s the differences in this world that make up the beauty. Imagine if each mountain or each cloud were symmetrical to one another, not showing an ounce of contrast among the group. Imagine if across the world, landscapes never changed no matter where we traveled. There would be no desire to seek out new places or experience new things, for it would all be the same. People in this world are different wherever you go. Both ends of the spectrum are evident in the types of people we meet in our lives; same as the mountains and the clouds I see before me. It is the differences in the group that make up the beauty of the group. The sun has sank below the mountain now. An orange glow highlights the silhouette of the ridge lines. The clouds now glow a deep red and fiery pink. In a moment since I’ve sat down to write, things have changed already and have captured me. People too, change throughout their lives and it is beautiful to watch that change occur in as long term as years, or in as short of term as a day. Diversity is what sets us apart and paints a landscape out of us. Accept differences…and one can finally sit back and see the beauty that is laid out before them.


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