The Black Wolf and Sunset

The Pack:
A pack of wolves roaming the wild,
Dusk and dare, snow and sinew.
Aristotle, the Alpha and Lupe, the Omega,
And three other grey wolves in between.

Together they tracked and hunted down prey,
Together they traveled on frosty winter nights,
Together they played on soft sunshine days.

Like five fingers make a fist,
This was their life in a gist.
Or until the mating season came,
And thus, began the searching game.

Shamook, the Black Wolf:
She was a plain looking wolf- all charcoal black,
Like the sky on a starless night.
A non-conformist maybe, because courage she didn’t lack,
Solitary or in quest of solitude,
She was in the periphery of the pack.
She would never be accepted as a member,
Unless, she conceded to be the Omega – the lowest in rank and number.

Aristotle, the Alpha:
It was time for the Alpha to find a mate,
Wolves mate for life so it had to be a friend and partner.
The chances were in favour of Cappolina,
A silver, grey wolf – Shamook’s beautiful sister.

Cappolina was well accepted within the pack,
And she was everything that her sister was not.
Never before had Aristotle given Shamook much thought,
Until one the day, he made her the alpha female and the queen of the pack.

Strange are the ways of nature and life,
Who knew Aristotle would make Shamook his wife!
By Chandana Banerjee