The Commoner

The diving board jump of faith into the sea
of life. I watch you chest leap into an arc
before a plop into the matter.

You are a bird that is common, human eyes
ignore you. They see you as simple as a
streetlight or road sign. How lucky I am!

I watch you between tress, between the lines
of time. The signature you leave behind is
ignored, even frowned upon.

How desperate you are to get noticed, seen.
Binoculars will turn away, guns will point
hawks and raptors will hunt.

People! Take a moment to smile at the delight
of a flutter, the amateur looking technique
and brash flight before a car. They are the tickle

of nature, the joyous sound of late spring. They
are more than just white shit and cooing.
But then, maybe I should just keep you to myself.

By Gareth Culshaw

Gareth lives in North Wales. He loves the outdoors especially Snowdonia. He is published in various magazines across the U.K. Visit his website here.

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