The Four Seasons

The stage is set,
The play’s begun;
And stealthily, the players come:
The softening breeze, the gentle green.
Awakening, the Earth now sings:
“The World is new — it is the Spring.”


Now doth the Spring, in vernal green,
Give way to lusher, finer things.
The sun, now high, draws full life from her
Child the Earth – it is the Summer


The Summer waxes, in riotous play,
And short night joins the long-houred day.
Culminating Nature’s all,
Then waning, leads us into Fall.


The Fall now comes with frosty hues,
And Autumn Harvest skies of blue.
Her crisp cool breezes seem to whisper
“Prepare thee for the coming Winter.”


The Winter comes, with snow and frost,
To cover life that now is lost.
But dormant lies the new life, then,
The time will change and begin again.


And so it goes, and ever anon,
The play is given, the four parts sung.
A never-ending chorus to be
Outward expression of Life’s artistry.
By Kathy Handyside