The Life of a Morning Glory

by Marion L. Ritcey

One day a young boy buys seeds in a small envelope at the farm store. The flower pictured on the front morning-glory flowers on a trellis catches his eye. It tells him how to plant and cultivate the seeds to get the best and biggest flower. He takes it home with hope for a few morning glories by summers end. So begins his introduction to planting. He took his time choosing the plant he liked best. There are so many to choose from. But the one he saw first still held his attention. The big sky blue flowers looks so grand. He could not wait to get home. To a new adventure for his summer vacation. He planted them waiting for the sprouts to show in the pots. He had taken great care feeding, watering, and just the right amount of sun. Following the directions as best he could. The wait was the hardest part. Did he endure the wait? The little heart shaped leaves showed above the potting soil. The stems were looking for something the hang on to. The planting was a big adventure for him. He had to find the right spot in the yard. He finally did, right outside the porch that was used all summer by his whole family. Up and Up it grew. Beautiful green leaves and antennae continue it’s journey climbing higher and higher. The leaves got bigger and greener as the summer went by. Blocking the view out the window but the view was worth it. The vine climbed high up the porch trellises and on to the roof. As the flowers grew from small buds to long spirals. The blooming starts in the early morning . The green of the leaves hide some flowers and let some shine through. It was fun to watch the buds develop and then open up. Those were blue but the plants come in many different colors. At one point they look like a star, then they open bit by bit to become a full flower. He went to the library reading the books on flowers and learned a lot. So next year he will feel confident about what he tries to grow. Morning Glories only live for one day. They gave him a beautiful view. The bees love to climb into the flower and get the pollen for his honey. To see the bees go down the flower bud was fun they only stay a minute, getting what they desire and then leave onto the next flower. As the days of summer grew shorter the flowers were not as plentiful as on hot sunny days But the vine did make it on the porch roof and almost into his window. The flowers came each morning and the blue reminded him of the sky above. He could enjoy them first thing in the morning. Checking to see how many buds and flowers arrived every day. Hoping for more and more as the summer neared it’s end. Next year he may plant many different colors. Maybe even trying different flowers. He thinks he found something he can enjoy for the rest of his life. When he returned to school , he had something to tell his teachers and school friends.