The Morning Dew

On that early hours of the day,
It’s nice to catch glimpse of the atmosphere.
Whiles I opened the door and stood on the balcony.
How cold and white moisture of air over-there.
The drops of it covers the grass, plants and big mahogany.
The morning dew.

Some sleep deep in the air-condition to pay,
But it’s good to enjoy the cool breeze.
With no cost since it’s freely given.
It’s one of the beauties of nature’s freeze.
For which God created how it’s driven.
The morning dew.

At the lodge, I walked to and fro without a say.
Nevertheless, I felt how it’s chills the skin.
Lo and behold, no birds and butterflies dared to fly.
Below the sea level, the whales and sharks use their fin.
Perhaps, similar to Harmattan but nobody—cream apply.
The morning dew.
By Ike Boat

Ike Boat – The Poet
Runner-Up Of The International Poet Of The Year By NPA In USA.
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