The Original Meteorologist

When our Heavenly Father, formed the lovely skies
He used a pattern so unique, and so very wise
He made the clouds so billowy of every shape and size
He gave them room to move about, make shapes before our eyes.

He placed the sun with all it’s rays, to shine so golden bright
He set the moon so high, to give light all through the night
Thunder and lightening must have been added, in old Noah’s time
Because the earth was watered by, dew drops so sublime

I have read, the ocean’s tides, are ruled by the great moon
Many storms are caused by wind that blow a great monsoon
Lightening can occur when warm and cold air mix
Or maybe I have that wrong, I’d better make a fix

Wind will sometimes blow, a gentle little breeze
Winds that blow so cold may bring a mighty freeze
Wind and rain together, can make a miserable day
When the sun comes out, it chases the rain away

I think I’ll leave the wind and waves, thunder and lightening too
In the hands of the Master, He knows just what to do
The many Meteorologist who study the atmosphere
Can bring us daily news, spread sunshine and good cheer

I thank our Heavenly Father, for all the twinkling lights
The many formations He has made to brighten up our nights
The golden sun that rules, throughout the many days
Bring warmth and light to us, help us on our way

The storms of devastation that have come our way
Were predicted years ago, what more can I say
Just read the book of Daniel, and Revelation too
Get on your knees and pray that God will guide us through

For soon we’ll hear the Trumpet sound that will split the eastern sky
Then we’ll see our Jesus, on a cloud of white up high
To gather His faithful ones, that are His very own
Take them up to heaven to His Father’s heavenly home.
By Katie Lazette

Copyright – Katie Lazette 6/4/2006 11:58 AM