The Pebble

by Marion L. Ritcey

As I walked along the beach in North Turo this summer. The waves with strong white caps rolling ashore bringing with them sand, seaweed, sea glass of blues or greens and driftwood. I should not forget the shells big and small also coming to the tide line. The green of the seaweed made the sand turned into a garden of sea treasures. Due to the hurricane that had just passed off shore, Cape Cod was lucky only to get the wind and waves.

I looked at the pebbles being tossed ashore, a thought hit me. Now where did they come from? I picked up one. How long had they traveled to get to this beach? What sights did it see along the way? I wondered if it was bigger to start? Meeting any sea creatures along it’s journey? If talking what would it tell me? Was it worn down by waves ? How many other beaches had it been tossed onto, only to be swept out to sea again on a journey to another part of Cape Cod . Had it come down from Maine on wind swept waves or across the ocean? Adventures caused by the waves crashing on the beaches and rolling out again. Bringing in all the colors of the earth, stones of grey with silver speck , ones of the rich brown of the earth. and the pure white of a dozen small pebbles being tossed ashore. If it could only tell me. Oh, the adventures it must have had.

I can only wonder how far it had traveled. Is the journey over? Will the tide take it again, putting it on another beach for a short time to enjoy the sun and salt air. Could it be tossed back into the ocean by a child trying to skip a rock across calm water. Maybe a seagull will carry it further up the coast to Dennisport. It may have many more adventures. A winter storm could toss it in many different directions. Someone walking along the beach may pick it up and take it home.

Well, the pebble spoke to me. I took it home to rest in a wine glass filled with sand from that beach. I added a few more rocks and shells to make a nice display. A starfish had washed ashore during the storm also. It too is in the glass When I look at the wine glass I will remember the walks along the beach that vacation. The pebble has a warm home and will not ride the waves again. I do hope it’s happy!

The pebble’s adventures are over for now, but it can sit there and see what adventures await it in my home. I wonder what it will think of the Christmas tree or other decoration . Will it long to tell it’s friends about the home it now lives in? Or wish it were still being tossed about on ocean waves? Maybe it will miss it’s adventures, but for now it will sit on my shelf giving me fond memories of salt air and sounds of the surf bringing more pebbles ashore.

When the snow comes I can look at the pebble remembering the warm breeze and the setting sun of September. Closing my eyes journeying back to the mornings I walked the beach, heard the seagulls cry and got my toes wet in the surf picking up pebbles. I’ll remember the colorful sun sets. As the sky turned brilliant aura of color and then the sun drifted slowly into the bay. Then warm nights sitting by the ocean with friends, wine glass in hand talking till all hours. The fog being burned off in the morning bringing in a clear late summers day . We just sat in the brilliant red adirondack chairs and watched it all. The deep blue of the ocean was there to start the day. The good morning cry of the seagulls looking for a morning snack. Most of all the sight of the pebbles being tossed by the waves. I’ll think of the seals bobbing up and down in the surf. But the pebbles will help me remember a grand time.

Next time I walk the beach I’ll bring a few more pebbles home to fill the glass a bit more. If I find a group of little shells to add to the arrangement it will bring the memories a new. Maybe a bit of the sea bleached drift wood. There is always room to create memories, ones for myself and the pebbles too .Who knows maybe I’ll bring home Pebbles old friend and they can reunite for a while. Talking about what they have seen and done since they last saw each other. They can catch up on lost time and enjoy the winter in the wine glass.


Cape Cod Coastline (Photo by Marion L. Ritcey)