The Trespassed Rain

The curving stream edged with twigs
skirted a duet of mud-heavy banks;
though girdled in, its trickling form stirred
the forest ground like ivy-strangling vines
softly gagged the sprouting weed.

An echo of deafening sounds shook the trees:
rain spattered down from the loftiest boughs
rushing through
the folding leaves at the
belly of the thick overgrowth,
to the most distant dregs of ground below.

Flushing pebbles and strewn refuse
along with dew-scented foliage under foot
to the lime-speckled wind with its scurrying tides,
shall all be conveyed onward to the waiting sea.
By Lana Bella

Lana Bella has a diverse work of poetry and flash fiction published and forthcoming with Anak Sastra, Atlas Poetica, Bewildering Stories, Calliope Magazine, Eunoia Review, Cecil’s Writers’ Magazine, Deltona Howl, Earl of Plaid Lit, Family Travel Haiku, First Literary Review-East, Foliate Oak Literary, Garbanzo Literary Journal, Global Poetry, Ken*Again, Nature Writing, The Commonline Journal, The Higgs Weldon, The Voices Project, War Anthology: We Go On, Thought Notebook, Undertow Tanka Review, Wordpool Press, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Featured Artist with Quail Bell Magazine.She resides on some distant isle with her novelist husband and two frolicsome imps.
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