July 10, 2004
Earth tied to tree,
tied to sky,
tied to me.
When did I know?
When did it show
That the peace through the trees flowed into me?
That the spirit from Heaven is focused and flowing
freely through trees connecting earth
And the immense peace stills human drama;
Washes it into insignificance.
People talk too much;
enjoying their own noise,
feeding on their own energy with greediness,
thinking they are the source;
Nature waits patiently for truth
to silence their tongues;
So spirit can reach their hearts.
Much of the stress of my existence
is generated by the grating
exchange between man and nature;
Between mortal and spiritual things.
I am a spiritual being having a mortal experience a quote I’ve crossed
paths with many times and still do not know its source but it’s truth
resonates deep inside where my flesh and spirit connect.
Our Lord’s creations fill this earth;
things of curved line, soft texture, soothing sound, intricate pattern and
profound beauty;
Man’s creations are imposed on natural things;
objects with edges; sharp and cruel.
Harsh colors, annoying and abrasive sounds.
Things that are heavy and offensive to the spirit.
Things that decay and return nothing
to theĀ  environment.
Artists, (painters, musicians, and poets, etc.) strive to illustrate the
mortal/spirit connection.
It is a mission;
a need to point out to others
what seems so obvious to them.
Stop talking! Watch and listen.


July 3, 2004
Tall white picket fence
Surrounds neglected yard;
Friendly ash tree leans over,
Eager for conversation.


July 6, 2004
Robin song in morning hour,
Rainbow notes upon my bower;
Highway hum of foggy gray,
Adds no color to my day.


July 10, 2004
Christmas cactus in
junk shop window:
A prisoner reaching for light
through grimy glass,

The music of the, earth
is ever present;
But, oh, the hurting stubborn heads
require to learn its song!
By Linda Johnson

Copyright – Linda Johnson 2004