Twilight Hours

Clutching my folklore book, I glance out of the old cottage window that opens to the spectacular Kodagu forest hills in South India, now only appearing as a silhouette in the twilight hour. Lost in its charm I quietly open the ornate teak door facing the dim outline of the meandering hills, truncated by gigantic tropical trees. Delicious aromas of mandarins, lemons, betel nut and passion fruits fill the cool night air. Stepping onto the porch I observe the brightly lit lantern dangling merrily in the summer breeze. Shimmering fireflies jiggle ubiquitously around the silver oak tree, oblivious to my presence. Moving slightly nearer, I gaze with incredulity at these minuscule glowing wonders, bathing in the moonlight.

in the night air
on the rock
the footprints
of a tiger

By Lalitha Lloyds

Mist hangs over forest hills






Photo of Kodagu Forest hills from   India – The land of Tigers and Elephants, is one of the most interesting wildlife destinations in the world and offers plenty of wildlife tour options for enthusiast wildlife lovers

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