Vacation in North Turo

by Marion L. Ritcey

Vacation In North Turo, Cape Cod , Mass.
Sunday, October 14, 2012
8:02 PM

I was happy to have four days at the seaside cottages. These cottages had been here since the 1940’s. Very little had changed, to my delight. The big picture windows overlooking the bay is a grand way to see the sun rise and enjoy the first cup  of coffee. The red chairs always wait for us with open arms to help us relax. The gulls would fly over head saying Hello feed me please.

As you can see many folks bring their coffee or tea outside and enjoy the early morning watching the surf roll in. This time of year most were fisherman waiting for  fish and fun. They had been coming here for years . The same as me. My family found this place about ten years ago. I  always knew it was here. When I was a little girl we  would drive by, I would dream someday “I’ll stay at the little white cottages on the bay and enjoy the view”. Well someday came and now I come back every fall.

This year I was alone, my husband could not get time off from his job.

The whole cottage was mine to do what every I wanted. Well the first day I went into Providence Town to just walk around and visit a bakery I love. Maybe even have dinner or just  look in the shops. I took my bakery treats home . My treat in hand I read while the sun set. Then planned my adventure for the next day. A walk in the woods to see fall Cape Cod style.

As I walked along the Small Swamp Trail I could see how it got it’s name. I could not see the swamp but I knew it was there. The trees were damp with a mist that had been ongoing all morning. It was like a dew that did not dry. The forest animals were not happy that I walked the trail. Mr. Chipmunk kept running ahead with his tail high in the air. He seemed to be yelling at me for interrupting their lazy afternoon. Chippy would run and tell all the other forest animals that I was coming. As if my shuffling the leaves like a small child didn’t already do that. The leaves were not dry enough to really make that sound you loved as a child. The birds flew up ahead and landed on a branch and flew away to hide or just to get a better view of me. I could not figure out which. I heard a rustling in the woods and wondered if the bear that had swum the canal had come back. But it turned out to be a few deer looking for a place to get out of the rain.

It had been raining all week and didn’t look like it would stop at all. I remembered  that there was no one  on the trail but me and the mist was getting heavy. But it was warm so on I went. I felt safe.

The trees here are mostly pine. The only color I saw was poison ivy on the trees. In the fall it turns a beautiful shade of red. You can tell it best then. The pine smell  had gotten stronger since the rain. I felt at peace here in the woods. The quiet was comforting to me. The birds would sing for me and fly by never getting to close. But still they looked for a hand out. That would end soon, not many walkers from now on. This far down Cape was not busy in the winter. It must be beautiful to see  sand and snow combine even for a short time. Maybe this February I can get my husband to drive down for a night.

The mulberries were still on the trees, leaves of red, berries of blue. Here for the deer to enjoy. I did see many signs of deer around, from where they bedded down for a night and where they stopped for a while. When I finished my walk I thanked the animals for sharing their home with me. My next stop the beach. No matter rain or shine the ocean calms the soul and clears the cobwebs from the brain. I always go home refreshed and renewed. The sand between your toes, the sound of a gull,  the sight and sound of the waves and  salt air, I really can’t explain it, you just have to live it. The weather on Cape is still warm during the day, so the beach is a place  to enjoy.

The surfers are in the water when every they can find time. They wear wet suits against the cooler water. But they still paddle their boards across the waves and glide in to shore. Only to turn and go out to catch another wave.

The gulls stand guard on the shore as if to say this is ours now stay away. We reign here now till spring when you come back with your children and beach gear. But for now we have control and  enjoy it. You may throw us a few crackers if you like but we rule now.  We still have a long cold winter to live through and the cracker will be eaten with hungry joy.

So on I walked the length of Coast Guard Beach enjoying the sights and sounds. Few people also walked the beach today, picking up a shell or a bit of seaweed. I was lucky to have found a few pieces of sea glass the green reflected the color of the ocean. Maybe I could wrap it in silver thread turning it into a necklace to remember my solitary stroll on the beach. When I wear it I hope the sound and smells of the ocean come back to me. I bet they will.

Back at my cottage I light my lamp and listen to the gulls and the surf while  having a restful supper, watching the lights of Providence Town turn on for the night. Pilgrim Tower stands tall  the lights can be seen for a great distance.

The ocean calms for the night  the gulls bed down. A few folks are out walking the beach trying to soak up as much  feeling as they can. They too go home tomorrow with memories of the beach and a calming vacation, Looking forward to next year.