Vengeance of Nature

by Qasim Raza

All of us are acquainted with the word ‘Mother’; it is not just a word; it is a sea of blessings. There are millions of books which have trillion of sentences on the greatness of the single word ‘Mother’. Mother cares, protects and nurtures her children. The word mother is a symbol of kindness, love, peace and affection. But an event happened in Pakistan that showed another face of a mother.

One rainy night, Chand Bibi, with a bottle of petrol in her hand, hobbled into the house of a middle class family. After entering the house, she went towards the room where a husband and wife were sleeping. She locked the room from outside and very quietly started pouring the petrol into the room from beneath the door. When she felt that petrol would have reached under the bed where husband and wife were sleeping, she lit a match and threw it underneath the door. Fire erupted; both husband and wife were caught by the fire. Due to the cries of husband and wife, people gathered, and the police and ambulance were called. It was revealed, afterwards, that husband and wife were dead. Chand Bibi was still sitting outside the room, and she appeared to be a mentally disturbed person. Police arrested Cahnd Bibi for the purposes of investigation.

After the investigation, the police revealed the shocking facts about the case. Police unveiled that the burned man was the son and the burned woman was the daughter-in-law of Chand Bibi. Police said that Chand Bibi’s husband died after a year of marriage, and left her alone with a child. Chand Bibi believed in self respect, therefore, she prefered to work as servant instead of begging or using other unethical means to earn a livelihood. She worked 24/7 for the support and the education of her son. She remained hungry, but provided food, shelter, books and love to her son. She avoided second marriage, because she was of the view that due to the second marriage her attention towards her son would be divided.

Her efforts were crowned with success, and her son became engineer. He got a decent job in a respected industry and was, thereafter, married to a pretty girl, and started living a luxurious married life.

With the passage of time, the son and his wife were no longer willing to live with Chand Bibi since they started to consider her a sign of insult due to her backward approach to life (which was not actually backward). Her modern son had completely forgotten that the credit for his luxurious life belonged to his mother, Chand Bibi.

To try to get rid of her, the son and his wife began to beat Chand Bibi on daily basis. They locked her down in the basement and tied her with chains. After some time, they got her admitted to a mental hospital, and never came back.

One night, Chand Bibi got the chance to break out from the detention center. She went straight to her son’s house, and burnt her son and daughter in law alive.

Nature is also our mother. It provides us with filtered oxygen from trees. It gives us scenery of beautiful flowers; it gives us many fruits. It has also provided us with fertile land from where we can grow wheat, rice and other necessary crops. In short, it can be said that nature has provided us with countless blessings.

But in reciprocation, what we have given to her? We are leaving Nature alone, and have got it admitted in the old detention house because we want to get more and more money. Yes we have left her alone because we have joined the modern scientific path of prosperity which never allows us to show kindness with our Mother, i.e., Nature. The nuclear tests, promotion of industries, smoke exhaling cars, construction of buildings on agricultural lands, and our butchering attitude toward trees shows that we are fed up from our mother, nature, and are desirous of living of our life without showing any mercy to our mother.

Nature is mentally disturbed due to our attitude toward her. Now she is our angry mother and taking her revenge. The revenge of Mother Nature will not only leave disastrous impact on our health, but also on the economy of every part of the world. She is taking revenge on us in the shape of earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados and floods, etc. The recent earthquake in the Philippines and the disaster there is the latest example of her revenge.

The combination of tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, and floods are definitely affecting the health of people and economy of world. And the after affects of these calamities of nature have introduced new diseases, e.g. Dengue Fever, which has emerged in the era of climate change.

These tragedies are also having horrible impacts on the agricultural system, damaging thousand of agricultural crops, proving to be fatal for the economy of countries. Climate change has already affected the growth of crops, which is bad for economy and for the health of people.

We still have time to treat our Mother, Nature, with love, peace and care. If we will not take it seriously at this stage, then it will attack the world with a loud cry and will end this world forever. It will burn us like Chand Bibi burnt her son and daughter-in-law.

Beware, Mother-Nature has become as dangerous as the Pakistani mother Chand Bibi was…we should reconsider our modern behaviors and try to consider nature as our mother. If we are honest with Mother Nature then it will never disturb us and our modern way of life because it just demands love, care, and consideration.

Please try not to bother her.


The author is an Islamabad-based freelance writer, and can be contacted at or at