Vision Quest

Some would see thunderclouds
I see a blanket of comfort
I see the pull of reflection
into a depth that is really
neither cold nor hot
the ripples moving away & in
the moon a blessing
as the sun rises

I see memory
& times to come
I see a challenge
that welcomes not daunts
I see the space
that envelopes me
& opens

I can see the echoes
before they are spoken

By Joyce Kessel

Joyce Kessel has three chapbooks: Secret Lives, Describing the Dark (Saddle Road Press, 2013) and Classroom Quixote (The Writer’s Den, 2015). Her poems have appeared on WNY metro busses, in Black Mountain II Review, Earth’s Daughters, WNY Poets, and Waging Words for Peace, cell2 soul and in kind of a hurricane press’ anthologies. Joyce is a member of Earth’s Daughters writing collective. She teaches creative writing and literature at Villa Maria College.

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