Wabi-Sabi Walk

Wabi-Sabi is awareness of the beauty of the impermanent, imperfect, and incomplete nature of everything.
It is awareness of the beauty of humble, simple, unconventional creations.
It is awareness of the beauty of small, overlooked, rejected beings of the world.
It is awareness of the beauty of your connection with these beings and creations.
Christine and Arthur Nezu in their book, Awakening Self-Esteem suggest taking wabi-sabi walks once a week as a way to enhance our awareness of the connection we have with all life.
In the slow meditative walk, you focus on the imperfect, incomplete, and impermanent nature of all things.
The wabi-sabi walk is also a good way to focus the mind for writing. On your walk, stop and observe closely the way something is imperfect, the way it shows signs of struggle against and yielding to destructive forces, the way it lacks something others have–and the way its beauty is created not marred by these things. Become aware of the feeling you have as you realize this beauty.
Write out of this feeling. Try to describe the connection between what you saw and your own life.