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woman looking up at autumn trees

Nature writing is born out of love, respect, and awe. It finds its subject during days of close observation of the natural world. It finds its voice in the relationship with nature developed during those days.

Edwin Way Teale. ‘November 5’ in A Walk Through the Year, 1978.

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The Best Family Winter Walks In Scotland

by Joe Spence

Winter is arguably the best season to enjoy all that Scotland has to offer. Frosty mornings and snow-covered hills make for awe inspiring sights, and the change in season marks the perfect time for families to get outdoors and explore the changing landscape. Getting outside in winter is incredibly important for children. Not only do […]

A Voice In Nature’s Choir

by Scott Haber

What can we learn from nature? From the gentle rustling of leaves; from the harmonious symphony of bird song; from the ever changing shades of forest green? Nature offers simplicity – a rest from incessant stimulation and mental exhaustion. It asks for our presence – for our mind’s attention to be aligned with our body’s […]