A Summer Walk

A morning walk in early summer glory
damp, golden excitement in
glittering green fields.

A calliopsis of little wildflowers
unfold red poppies, blue cornflowers,
white forget-me-nots and yellow cowslip.
A perfect painter´s palette.

The sky is clear, an eggshell blue
like Veronica´s flowers.
Wakened finches chant their morning song;
My heart hears, picks up the rhythm
in an overture crescendo.

I am alive.

By Marjon van Bruggen

woman walking in poppy field

Marjon van Bruggen has written poetry since she was seventeen. She studied at Amsterdam University Andragogic and followed writing and poetry courses on-line with the IOWA State University, US. Her work has been published in I Am Not A Silent Poet, The NY Literary Magazine: Anthology August 2016 and December 2016, and Sometimes Anyway: Pride in Poetry Volume II.

Photo by dolgachov

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  1. I just read my own poem. I am so grateful to the editors of Nature Writing! Thank you very much for the perfect photo to accompany the poem.

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