Hummingbird Conversations

Around the feeder ruby-throated
hummingbirds swoop flit hover
dance and fight and I wish
I could hear their
wingbeat conversations.
What would they tell me?

Do they discuss the weather
the local nest situation
compare the quality of spider silk
swap migration route stories
or point out their favorite flowers?
Do they have a pecking order
who goes first and why?

Maybe they talk about politics
or health insurance
immigration or crop prices
probably not though.
How would it feel to be
in the tiny jeweled body
buzzing around
unable to be still
always moving
a heart beating
six hundred times a minute.

If I could feel that I’d know
what it feels like to fly across
the Gulf of Mexico
hover swoop dive and
taste the nectar of a
hundred thousand

By Carol Carpenter

hummingbird with spread wings

Photo by the author

Early Summer

Like plush carpet,
grass thickens
along ditches,
fields and fencerows.

Warming on the stone porch,
a garter snake glistens
in the bright morning sun.

Emerald leaves drip over
heavy branches
speckled with bird nests.

The wind pauses
catching a cool green breath
before the dry throat
of summer.

By Carol Carpenter

Sunrise behind tree and green meadow

Carol Carpenter is a poet/writer/photographer living in rural northwest Missouri with her man and three cats. A former emergency medical technician and grocery goddess, Carpenter enjoys walking, writing, exploring and watching the birds. She also likes to travel and play with her grandson. Carpenter received a B.S. in English from Peru State College in 2010. Her work has been published in Fine Lines, Your Country Neighbor, The Lincoln Underground, Plains Song Review, NatureWriting and Missouri Life. Carpenter’s first chapbook, Earth Songs, was released in April 2015.

Photo by efired