The Voice of Nature

I travelled to a mountain
And experience the beautiful creations with curving fountain
The trees that dance with the traveling winds
The flying fowls, how lovely when they sings

I sit upon a rock
And all things crawls, have me flocked
The birds with beautiful colors
The sunshine in the evening hours

All the trees of different characters
Are the resting places of the flying vultures
The running waters slipping through cave rocks
With the blast of thunder above the mountain tops

The river stood still where ducks and lilies rest
With vine and thorn between clutches that’s where they make their nest
The view of cities and bloomy field with grains
The looks of fog that rest above the open plains

Cows and goats all gathered in heaps
Are like a bundle of a thousand merry sheeps
The fountain of waters settled by the brooks remain shallow
I then realized that nature expressed itself with the sound of sparrows

By Fadrian Bartley

sparrows sitting on fence

author photoFadrian Bartley is a new emerging writer for poetry in Jamaica, he has gained the credentials for sharing his work in local programs and international submission sites such as Writers Relief, and Allpoetry.Com. He is a Graduate from NCTVET Institution in Jamaica known as the Heart Trust NTA as a Customer Service Representative. Practicing and developing the inspiration to write poetry for over ten years, Mr Bartley takes the opportunity to share his work internationally to others through publications. His work appears on sites such as His poetry can be viewed at

Photo of sparrows on fence by Michael Nosek