Desert Rain: Two Sedona Poems

Sedona Rain Day
red rocks,
surrounded by
primordial fog

absent the
piercing, reflected
light of
desert sun,

allow for the
interior reflection
of muted, rain
soaked landscape

High Desert Benediction
Today is a day
for subtlety
in the high desert,
mountain peaks
that usually reflect
the sparkle of
unimpeded sun
against lapis sky,
left to be
themselves against
the darkening clouds
that carry the benediction
of gentle rain.

By Lucinda Marshall

Rai cluds over Sedona Mountains

Lucinda Marshall is a writer, artist, and activist. Her poetry publications include Sediments, GFT, Indolent Books’ What Rough Beast Series and the upcoming Poems in the Aftermath Anthology, Stepping Stones Magazine, Columbia Journal, Poetica Magazine, Haikuniverse, and ISLE. Her poem, ‘The Lilies Were In Bloom’ received an Honorable Mention in Waterline Writers’ Artists as Visionaries Climate Crisis Solutions contest. Lucinda co-facilitates the award-winning Gaithersburg, MD Teen Writing Club, and hosts a poetry reading and open mic series in Gaithersburg. For more information about her poetry and other work, please visit her website, Reclaiming Medusa,

Photo of red rock cliffs in Sedona by the author.