Here they come
racing for the sun,

stark white against
the vast blue,

from out of nowhere
you or I

have ever been;
though they are

simply weightless
shreds of

beaten air,
there’s a bright

power lurking
in the innocence

they wear.

By Ruth C. Rehberg

 clouds over sawgrass prairie

Ruth Lives in Alma Center, Wisconsin, USA

Photo of clouds over the Sawgrass Prairie in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA, by William Silver


It is on everything.
I mean everything.
Nothing goes untouched;
it is that powerful,

that silent,
that large,
the enormity of its
presence is incalculable.

Yet, I have never noticed
anything else so humble,
so pure, that I want to
press my lips

to its slippery beauty.
Though it’s not my tongue
that thirsts for this,
but the dry soul of

my inner being,
needing heaven’s pure
tears that daily flood
this waiting ground.

So, there it is, world-
wide every morning
for any of us to see;
this smooth sea

of clear pearls
that sweeps over
our dry lives…
the immense miracle of dew.

By Ruth Rehberg

morning dew drops on the mountain grass

Ruth Lives in Alma Center, Wisconsin, USA

Photo by Leonid Tit

Veined Scales

Shaped like a bullet
slim and tight
wrapped in sheer

veined scales
it carries an air of
haughty authority

ready to expose its
regal underbelly if
a warm day comes

six ruffled ears
of fluttering
royal purple

edged with trickles
of bronzed zebra
stripes holding a

viper’s forked tongue
split three ways
spitting gold fuzz

from the hidden hot
depths like a lethal
being long trapped

an Iris has emerged
as queen into the
jungle-wild June air

By Ruth Rehberg

a single blue iris amid green leaves

Ruth Lives in Alma Center, Wisconsin, USA

Photo by Alexandr Zyryanov



after days of grey
it has burst open

with staggering brilliance,
almost breaking these dusty

window panes streaked
from winter’s storms;

our eyes

can barely take
this strain of light

uncluttered, flying free
from the solar universe,

landing with startling
clarity on our color

starved souls.

sun can stun

a dull life into
an arrhythmic fact

of a painless
heart attack.

Oh joy…

By Ruth C. Rehberg

willow with flowering bud in vase by window

Ruth lives in Alma Center, Wisconsin, USA

Photo by maya23k