Two Poems


One Afternoon

Brooding over days yet to come—
I watch a squirrel hop branch to branch,
having eaten his fill of plums.



What does it
mean to be

Only a flower
sieved through

the sun’s
gentle light


By Trivarna Hariharan

dandelion flowers in walkway

Trivarna-Hariharn_Author-photoTrivarna Hariharan is an undergraduate student of English Literature from India. She has authored The Necessity of Geography (Flutter Press), Home and Other Places (Nivasini Publishers), Letters I Never Sent (Writers Workshop, Kolkata). Her poems appear or are forthcoming from One Sentence Poems, Alexandria Quarterly, Allegro, Birds Piled Loosely, TXTOBJX, Front Porch Review, Sweet Tree Review, Red Bird Chapbooks, Plum Tree Tavern, Red Eft Review, Vayavya, Fourth & Sycamore, Quail Bell, Eunoia Review and others. She has served as the editor in chief at Inklette and Goodwill Ambassador for Postcards for Peace. She is the poetry editor for Corner Club Press. Besides writing, she is studying the electronic keyboard, and has completed her 4th Grade in the instrument at Trinity College of Music, London.

Dandelion photo by huandi