Belle Vue

I found a tiny white feather on the grass one afternoon.
Then you rang me.

An assortment of trees in bloom, a squirrel feeding on nuts,
Like a secret spy, hiding and burrowing,
Always taunting the magpies

Will I see one for sorrow or two for joy?

I worry about the outcome on the grassy knoll.
A stone circle for my troubles,
Light a candle for my dreams,
The wind blows calmly, as in times of yesteryear,
Lavenders bloom, dilly dilly, a penny for your thoughts.

An empty brook awaits my thoughts, a foreign tree nestled amongst the dog walkers
The cafe beckons, a piece of cake, for me, this park of wonder

Of ancestors.

My great grandmother courted here, as do I
In my dreams.

By Victoria Anne Williams

woman sitting in park watching nature

This poem is about my local park, Belle Vue, in Newport, South Wales, UK. It is a very special place to me.

Photo by Bernd Friedel

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