Bird-Watching Myna

Truly social, sharing bird,
jumping at slightest instant,
chattering, varying-voice,
trying all possible chords
to perfect its inimitable call,
landed on a compound
with noisy wings.

Trudging aggressively,
raising commotion for
no good reason, no logic,
no syllogism.
Scouting around on restless
yellow legs, misleading
me with bright
yellow-encircled eyes.

Bird-watching through
clear, glass window,
of my modest home, I wished
to know their musical chatter
immensely and

By Thriveni C Mysore

Myna ruffling feathers

Thriveni C Mysore is a science teacher from Karnataka, India.
She loves Philosophy and finds solace in Nature Poetry.

Photo of Myna By Anton Croos, Wikimedia Commons


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