Here they come
racing for the sun,

stark white against
the vast blue,

from out of nowhere
you or I

have ever been;
though they are

simply weightless
shreds of

beaten air,
there’s a bright

power lurking
in the innocence

they wear.

By Ruth C. Rehberg

 clouds over sawgrass prairie

Photo of the authorRuth C. Rehberg lives with her family in the hills of western Wisconsin, daily reveling in the bounty of beauty around her Garden Valley home. Some of her happiest moments involve walking the roads and woods, scooting on her petunia-pink moped, porch-sitting every minute possible, breathing in the joy of the twilight-golden hour, and reading until her eyes can’t stay open. Gratitude to God for the beauty of the earth is her life’s work.

Photo of clouds over the Sawgrass Prairie in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA, by William Silver

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