Crow Castle

The sun wanted to come in
but autumn was holding it back.
I watched leaves fly like broken
wings from dead birds. The wind
held an invisible trawler that
netted up the litter of trees.
I was in the in-between,
wandering from place to place.
A peregrine barreled past, undoing
the sky like a zip. And when I
reached the top a wind came
from the outside. Throwing itself
into my body as if all the words I
had ever spoken were being erased.
When I got back home I noticed
my words reached further than ever before.

By Gareth Culshaw

man walking in high field

Gareth lives in North Wales. He loves the outdoors especially Snowdonia. He is published in various magazines across the U.K. Visit his website here.

Photos by Foryouinf Photography

One thought on “Crow Castle

  1. Thank you dear poet, for delightful imagery. It reminded me of Worthy ‘Daffodils’. Erasing winds and Flight of peregrine is wonderful. Thank you Naturewriting.

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