A silvery light
takes over the day,
a visible gloom
thought by the ancients
to presage disaster:
the forces of darkness

I would not stare
into the sun
even blotted out
lest it blind me
like the face of God.
But all around me
are His works.
Let us cease
our petty striving,
and rest for a while
in this fold of time
to give due reverence.

By Anne Whitehouse

solar eclipse

Anne Whitehouse is the author of six poetry collections, most recently Meteor Shower, her second from Dos Madres Press (2016). Her novel Fall Love has just been published in Spanish translation as Amigos y Amantes. 2016 honors include Songs of Eretz’s, RhymeOn!’s, Common Good Books’, and Fitzgerald Museum’s poetry prizes. Visit her at

Solar eclipse photo by John Butler.

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