Winter Trees

I believe there is a particular welcome gesture in nature that announces another winter into the world. And if there is, it ought to be the nose-stinging coldness in the wind, a presence that makes breathing a painful chore. But like with all the challenges of life, you have to take it in, which is […]

A Barrier Island at Dawn

… all I ask is this … go stand out by the ocean feel the waves like they’re hitting you one by one and realize you’re more than just this being, this cell that takes up space … you’re God’s creation oh so perfectly placed … — Kayla McBride, Las Vegas Aces, WNBA The towering […]

Wild Lovers

Recently, my friend, Andi asked me, “What’s your favorite flower?” Daffodils came to mind, as they were a childhood treasure. But that wasn’t the answer. My love for a specific flower has grown more complex over the years as I have traveled through different landscapes. New flowers have impressed me, and I no longer see […]