Eternal Summer

The dawn wakes to memories
of barefoot summers on cool green grass.

Swirling patterns in the coffee,
premonitions of days to come.
Visions rising from the fragrant steam,
filling the room with warm contentment.

Outside my window, the soft amber light of morning
filtered through trees imparts a dreamy
feeling, bestowing the day with hope.

A soft breeze stirs over the gardens as the
wildflowers raise their smiling faces to be kissed
by pollinators busy making morning rounds.

Shadows grow short as the day grows long.
I am drawn back to my coffee as I contemplate
peaceful moments, deep seated with the wish
of eternal summer.

By Ann Christine Tabaka

woman sitting by summer window

Tabaka Author PhotoAnn Christine Tabaka was born and lives in Delaware. She is a published poet, an artist, a chemist, and a personal trainer. She loves gardening, cooking, and the ocean. Chris lives with her husband and two cats. Her poems have been published in numerous national and international poetry journals, reviews, and anthologies. Chris has been selected as the resident Haiku poet for Stanzaic Stylings.

Photo of window by Vadim Georgiev

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