Iced Water

The stagnant water
invites the falling colors,
which ice the lake
like frosted cake.
A rainbow of autumn
is gentle in demeanor,
and I long to sit on shore
until the colors fade.

A slice of iced water
entices me to sample
the frosting
and celebrate my 70th birthday,
which nearly passed me by.

By Harding Stedler

 autumn leaves floating in the water

After graduating valedictorian of his high school graduating class, Harding Stedler went on to earn his B.S. in Ed., M.S in English Education, and his Ph.D. in English Education as well. He taught writing courses under the umbrella of the English Department in universities where he taught. In 1995, he retired from Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, with 34 years of service. He now makes his home in Maumelle, Arkansas, and is an active member of the Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas as well as the River Market Poets in Little Rock.

Photo by PixPhoto

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