I arose with Yosemite’s dawn and made my leisurely way through morning camp chores – mostly drinking coffee and watching dawn’s fingertips stroke Glacier Point. I finally tidied up breakfast and made ready to set off on my hike – a jaunt up the Snow Creek Trail. My pack was packed except for a few […]

Gulf Sunset

Even with your eyes closed, you have a vivid impression of me. You see and feel me, a Florida Gulf Coast legend. Your first impression may have been orange, but I’m so much more than red and yellow combined. I hold a myriad blend of colors. Notice my amber, my apricot, my tangerine. Feel my […]

Winter Walk

I tugged my second mitten up onto my hand, and checked that the knitted fabric of my hat was warming my head to its fullest extent. I was intending to start my walk off immediately, giving the relentless cold of the Maine air no extra chances at seeping in and chilling my stationary body. However, […]