Leaves Jump Ship

Leaves jump ship in autumn,
In drifting answer to earth,
Summoned to ground like old feet
Each morning settle to floor
With no plan or purpose in mind.

In youth we rise each morning
Like a shoot drawing life
   From the great trunk,
On a journey to its own
Mighty form to nest the
Birds and web the spiders,
Nursery and shelter
Generations to follow.

Time quietens the disturbing
Call to movement, offering
Chance to heap about with
Like or strange, blown in
By stirring winds from
Beyond the garden walls.

By Tom Budesheim

 grandfather and grandson walking along path

Thomas Budesheim is a native of Virginia, but has lived in several states and 3 countries abroad, pursued an education in 8 institutions of higher learning after high school and earned 4 degrees in history, theology and law. One of the degrees was a doctorate from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. His working career includes faculty positions at theological seminaries in Kentucky, Kansas and Missouri, at the University of Kansas and at the Santa Fe (NM) Community College. He started and operated 3 businesses and practiced law for the past 28 years in both the public and the private sectors. His current projects include 2 picture books for children, a nonfiction book for consumers of legal services and a collection of poems in search of a publisher.

Photo by Cathy Yeulet

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