Masterful Sculpture

Chocolate, yellow cake batter dollops
Knife drawn zig zags, marble cake
Mother Nature’s marbled canyon recipe
“The Wave” in North Coyote Buttes, Arizona
Manipulated water, dry winds
Constructed U-shaped troughs
Run-off painted manganese and iron
Stretched streaks of color through
Thin horizontal and vertical layers of Navajo sandstone
Like pulling bands of salt water taffy
Liesegang rings, burnt orange, cinnamon,
Umber, ochre, white, and green swirls
Winds carried sand etched the desert rock face
Rock wrens, cliff swallows nested in fissures
Chuckwalla lizard scurried across heated rock
Stagnant, sedentary undulations
Ridges as fragile as tri-colored ribbon candy
Transformed over time

By Suzanne Cottrell

red and orange sandstone formation

Suzanne Cottrell, an Ohio Buckeye by birth, lives with her husband and three rescue dogs in rural Piedmont North Carolina. An outdoor enthusiast and retired teacher, she enjoys hiking, biking, gardening, and Pilates. She loves nature and its sensory stimuli and particularly enjoys writing and experimenting with poetry and flash fiction. Her work has appeared in The Avocet, The Weekly Avocet, The Remembered Arts Journal, Plum Tree Tavern, The Skinny Poetry Journal, Three Line Poetry, Haiku Journal, Tanka Journal, Poetry Quarterly, Women’s Voices Anthology (These Fragile Lilacs Literary Journal), The Pop Machine (Inwood Indiana Press), and Nailpolish Stories, A Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal.

Photo of The Wave, North Coyote Buttes, Arizona, US, by kojoty.

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