The moon played peek-a-boo
Through the bare trees
While the owl’s mournful song
Carried far on a breeze

Dappled moonlight danced
On my window sill
Stars twinkled in and out
With their magical thrill

I was cozy and warm
As I lay snug in my bed
But I could not sleep
While the night filled my head

By Ann Christine Tabaka

bedroom in moonlight

Tabaka Author PhotoAnn Christine Tabaka was born and lives in Delaware. She is a published poet, an artist, a chemist, and a personal trainer. She loves gardening, cooking, and the ocean. Chris lives with her husband and two cats. Her poems have been published in numerous national and international poetry journals, reviews, and anthologies. Chris has been selected as the resident Haiku poet for Stanzaic Stylings.

Photo of moonlit room by Alexandr Vasilyev

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