Partridge Breasted Aloe

She thrust her pointed daggers
upward and outward
concave deep green leaves
adorned with white spots
front and back.
Basks in winter sunshine.
from a center core at the base
spiny and plump
with white designs
on the spruce green leaves.

Winter is flowering season
one long stem bursts above
like a quiet barn swallow
shooting up from the center
of a rosette in the springtime
one salmon pink flower
fills my mornings with a delicate scent
no fragrance can match
the fragile beauty of her perfume.

Partridge Breast is a sun worshipper
thrives in the south-facing window
prefers to drink less in winter.

Partridge Breast is the Queen of my collection
succulents and cacti, my delights.
Partridge Breasted Aloe brings
a sense of peace to my home.
When spring rains turn towards
Summer’s cat-like days
my succulent friends spend their
vacation on my sun-drenched porch
where no grooming is necessary.

By Lynda McKinney Lambert, 2017

Lynda is the author of Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage, Available on and Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems (go to Author’s Page to
order this book). Visit her Website & Blog and her Author’s Page: She was nominated for “Best of the Net” for for her 2016-2017 Essay. First Snow, Lynda’s first Chapbook, is now ready for publication in 2018. Currently she is working on Star Signs: New and Seleectd Poems by Lynda
McKinney Lambert
. Expected publication is late 2018. Contact Lynda for more information.

3 thoughts on “Partridge Breasted Aloe

  1. I always learn so much when I read one of Lynda’s poems. Her description of the Partridge Breasted Aloe was detailed and striking. I enjoyed the simile “long stem bursts above like a quiet barn swallow…” I could see and smell the beautiful succulent. The poem not only provided insight for the Partridge Breasted Aloe, it also provided insight into Lynda’s lifestyle preferences of quietness, peacefulness, relaxation, and warmth of sunshine, “Summer’s cat-like days.” Suzanne Cottrell

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