Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

She likes how it appears balanced
against the wind, slender body
gently leaning into space, longer
tail folded like some feathered rudder
behind. Yesterday one was sitting the
powerline along the Hospital Road, not
another bird in sight. Would’ve gone
unnoticed but for old habits that find her
watching, always watching sky and
ground, for some talisman to take back.

Sometimes, it rides the tops of fences,
beady eyes watching tor the quick meal:
flying insects in the slipstream. She snaps
a picture of its aerial ballet, scissor tail
open, some fast wheeling X rolling across
her sky. Daddy always said how they
favored powerlines above city traffic,
too. Knew which intersections, what time.
She imagines him somewhere in the cosmos
watching to see if she’ll notice a single bird.

By Pat Anthony

white and black long tailed flycatcher on wire

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Photo by jg1153

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