September Morning

This place in autumn:
River a somber teal
all knees and elbows
carving through
Weathered rock in slumber
its stubborn lines set deep in craggy, timeworn flesh
at rest
In the arms of a favourite green sweater
smeared with mustard
careless splashes of wine, heady and love-bitten
and the burnished copper of forgotten pennies;
Like spent wishes
from the clouds above.

By Deanna Chan

Fall trees and mountains

Deanna Chan is a freelance writer specializing in creative content creation and digital marketing, particularly in the tourism sector. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, writing and photography. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada and having spent several years living in Europe, she naturally has a soft spot for natural and architectural wonders. She shares reflections, poems, and photographs from her travels at her blog, and on Instagram @inthekeyofdc. Photo of Switzerland by the author.

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