Spring in the Valley

Trumpeters arrive, ice recedes
One day, orange-webs skate
Next, they paddle gracefully
Snowy-warm breasts change degrees

This sign brings pleasure I cannot hide
I celebrate pending birth, soon to arrive
As last years’ sage brush
Blows loose from winter’s pride

Waters warm, encouraging seeds
Cocooned safely within her womb
Nurturing strength pushes and flows free
As a mother too, I cannot help but be pleased

The valley seems to come to life
As sun’s strength sheds light
On long days, too gray for any like
And Blossom’s birds take flight

Leaden shroud lifted to relieve
Somber moods lighten
Ready for spring’s gift and
Her amber glow to be received

Sun-baked hills, rutilant
In the early morning light
Soon, blooming with arid-country wildflowers
The Desert Cottontail’s delight

Orchards and vineyards preparing
From the fields the nectars will flow
Esculent, to fruit stands laden heavy
At the side of every road

Spring time ushers hope
And a feeling of renewal
On a landscape too long barren
Of Mariposa and the Nootka Rose

With the light of days lengthening
We prepare our outdoor rooms
For we are ones who love our sun
And all are happy to see winter close
By Lynne Guay

M.M. Lynne Guay (c) 2012-03-11