Submission Guidelines

NatureWriting is an online magazine for readers and writers of nature writing. NatureWriting promotes recognition of the positive interconnection of humans with the rest of the natural world through writing and reading in the nature writing genre. Most writing accepted for NatureWriting features a personal involvement or insight.

NatureWriting seeks to be a site appropriate for readers of all ages, nationalities, and creeds. It does not accept writing that promotes a particular religion or nation above others. It does not accept writing that is sexually explicit or that uses language inappropriate for all readers. It does not accept writing about hunting.

NatureWriting seeks to promote nature writers and the nature writing genre. You may include a brief bio, author photo, and links to your writer’s website and/or publications with your writing. The site averages about 4,000 readers a month. The majority of readers reside in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

As a NatureWriting contributing author, you retain all rights to your writing. You may publish your work again in any form you wish. The writing you publish on NatureWriting remains your property. You retain the copyright on all the material you submit. After your writing is featured on NatureWriting, it remains on the site indexed by your name and genre. Your writing will be removed from the site upon your request.

Effort is made by the editor to ensure that the person submitting the writing is the author. If it is found that an author has misrepresented work as being original, the work will be removed from the site. Unfortunately, it is possible that your work could be taken from the site by someone and reprinted under their name. However, that also could happen with work printed in paper books and magazines.

Simultaneous submissions and previously published works are accepted ― if you retain all rights to your work. If the work is published on your blog, e-book, or print book, please provide a link to it. That way you can direct readers to your own sales or access portals.

There is no maximum length on poems or essays. Haiku are the shortest poems published. Essays shorter than 500 words often fit better into the Journals category especially when they focus on one nature experience or outing.

The site is updated almost daily. Your poem or prose will be featured on the NatureWriting home page for about six days and then it can be found indexed under you name in the Writers pull-down menu.

A response to your submission will come from, so be sure to add that address to your address book. If you have any other questions about submitting writing for NatureWriting, please contact us.