Wildflower Poetry

Prairie Fleabane

Early in the morning
the ancient sons appear
whiskers gray
stretching toward the day-star
caressing the cerulean welkin of hope.

Prairie Fleabane daisies

Wild Peavine

flourish, charm the winds
paint promise
with miniature pink,
amid the rubble neglected
in the old trailer park.

Pink Peavine blossoms

Sulphur Cinquefoil

Oh for the agony of titles,
I believe you deserve so significantly greater
I would call you ~ 5 Hearts of Golden Delight,
only beloved hopeless romantics
are appeased as weeds.

heart-shaped yellow cinquefoil flowers

Pink Bachelor Button

Classic blushing flowerets
swaying abreast each wing
nectar invites
a symphony
a ritornello of bees
to sing amidst your petals.

purple flower with bee attending

Wildflower poems and photos by Laura Stone

2 thoughts on “Wildflower Poetry

  1. Oh! great poetry. The flowers have become more beautiful by your wonderful expressions. Thank you ‘Naturewriting’ for such a delightful ensemble of poems and photos!

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